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Capping upload bandwidth after seed ratio is reached

by DLCom on 2022/11/21 11:54:57 AM    
Is there any way to make Tixati seed a torrent at full bandwidth until a certain seed ratio is reached, then cap the upload bandwidth to a predefined value? I want to reach a seed ratio of at least 2 on all my torrents and keep seeding rare torrents, to give back to the community, but I also don't want to waste my bandwidth on torrents where there are plenty of available seeds, so for me, it would be ideal to be able to fully download each torrent, then have Tixati keep seeding at full bandwidth until a ratio of 2 is reached, then keep seeding slowly at something like 100 KB/s to give people a chance to still download the nearly dead torrents I might have. Is there any way to achieve this? I know that I can cap the bandwidth of seeding in general and that I can also set a seed ratio limit, but both aren't ideal options on their own (because capping them in general will lead to unnecessarily slow seeds for the torrents where I haven't "done my duty" yet and setting a general seed ratio limit would it make it impossible to keep rare torrents alive long term).

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