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some understanding of binding to a vpn

by loninappleton on 2022/11/08 10:27:51 PM    
Hello again

 I'm trying to get some understanding of VPNs and the recommendation seen elsewhere that
Tixati is a good choice to bind a VPN for the torrent feed.  My Tixati torrent feed has been going for years.  But only recently have I considered using a VPN (for the usual reasons.)

Specifically, where is the setting in Tixati to accomplish binding to the VPN?  I looked through Settings but I use Tixati in a very simple way and do not understand many settings options.
by Guest on 2022/11/10 12:14:04 AM    
look here:

at the bottom you will see 'Local IPv4 address or interface' and 'Local IPv6 address or interface'.
my VPN goes out 'tunO' so i put that in the box. press the ... button and see what your choices are.
by loninappleton on 2022/11/12 10:00:19 PM    
Ok thanks for answering.  I'll look at the location but I'm not on a VPN at present.  I just want to get some understanding of it.
by notaLamer on 2022/11/29 03:22:50 AM    
This works flawlessly for me :) Welcome to the club! (looks at your motivation again)

On Windows you should select the UUID of the connection {1234-fde1-abcd...} because it's truly unique. On Linux you can only select the name like said above and shown on the help page screenshot.

If you use multiple VPNs like work + commercial VPN, be careful as the VPN software can reuse a tunnel/name. For example you select tun0 in Tixati because that's what your commercial VPN uses. But then you connect to work too and it becomes this: tun0=workVPN, tun1=commercialVPN.

If this is your case then you've got 2 choices:
1. create a separate network connection (different name) and configure the software to only use it
2. bind to IP instead (assuming an internal static VPN IP and that it'll never become the IP of your work VPN)

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