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Tixati 3.12 Invalid seek argument.

by Guest on 2022/11/08 03:34:03 PM    
- Ubuntu 64bit with 5.15 kernel. Tixati 3.12.

Brief description:
- On complete with check on transfer end enabled or when moving, some torrents end up getting "invalid seek argument".
- Downloads are being done to a ntfs folder directly mounted using fuse.
- Did not experience it with 3.11 but can also be a matter of chance.
- Storage units are okay, both SMART info and windows chkdisk were used.
- Performing check files leads to a stuck loop in which the file is not deleted nor verified, hence requiring manual deletion.

I still have a installer for 3.11. If I have confirmation that a replacement is okay or that the 3.12 is causing the issue I can downgrade for a while until 3.13.

Can provide more details on request.
by Guest on 2022/11/08 07:20:39 PM    
Formatted partition. Downloaded a 4.5Gib torrent and got the same issue on the final check (file 1).
Exported the torrent from tixati and added it to qBittorrent using the previously downloaded data.
After the check, a different file (file 2) on qBittorrent was found to have an issue/missing a chunk.
No other issues with any file and the file Tixati flagged was ok when playing.

Copied the files to tixati's incoming folder and ran a check.
File 1 continued to have the issue. After setting it not to download, file 2 was flagged as having an issue, and after the same process on file 2, a file 3 emerged.
I might run TDarr on a frame-by-frame health check on the file tixati is complaining to see if I can get more information.
by Guest on 2022/11/14 05:14:34 PM    
TDarr did report error in the file.
Other files have also been having this issue.

I can now prove it is not the hard drive since I'm using a ram disk for both downloading and downloaded files and temporary pieces, for some small but quick to download files.
by Guest on 2022/11/15 05:09:02 AM    
ive never seen the error 'invalid seek argument' before.
where exactly are you seeing this error? files tab? transfers tab?
post a magnet link of the torrent, or a link to the torrent file that does this, so the mod can give it to the devs.
by Guest on 2022/11/15 12:41:36 PM    
After the transfer is done.
In the Status column of the transfer and of the specific file which triggered it.

"error seeking: Illegal Seek (29)"

I'll post a magnet in the next reply so that it then is removed.
by Guest on 2022/11/27 05:43:38 PM    
After a couple more events, this seems to happen when minor files were not selected for download.
Files like "Torrent downloaded from ......" which are set to trigger the autofilter.
Selecting all the files, deleting the files on disk and restarting seems provide complete files at the end.

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