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PEX not working? (3.12)

by kostet on 2022/11/06 11:28:14 AM    
I didn’t get tired of tracking at what Tixati version the peers with source "PEX" disappeared in the advanced torrent window... The Source was previously observed on a par with "Incoming, Tracker, DHT, User, Meta". Is the Peer EXchange okey (of course, enabled in the settings)?
In addition, one more misunderstanding about PEX:  .
by kostet on 2022/11/07 01:11:47 PM    
Peer's Event Log(4) already contain:

sent PEX message
received PEX message

Seems ok.

But tracker's Event Log(5)

created from DHT
created from tracker

and no one created from PEX.
by Guest on 2022/11/17 07:34:08 AM    
you can send PEX messages to other peers not created through PEX.
you can take a peer created from DHT or Tracker and send and receive PEX messages with them.

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