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"Remote not interested in local"???

by Guest on 2022/11/05 12:18:50 AM    
"Remote not interested in local"

What the hell does this mean???

Trackers are saying there are numerous seeders

and there is one seeder listed BUT often with red bars

when i roll over the mouse, it says "Remote not interested in local"

"remote choking local" WHY???

There are seeders BUT they just wont connect!! Why??

Help please, I got numerous torrents half done, they download quick to half way and then just stall.

by BMu33 on 2022/11/10 03:25:30 AM    
"Remote not interested in local" means you don't have any pieces the other peer needs. If it is a seed this is obviously because they already have all the pieces.

"Remote choking local" just means the peer isn't ready or willing to transfer data with you. When a peer wants to give you the opportunity to engage in data transfer, it will "unchoke" you and if you also unchoke that peer, you can begin exchanging data. Usually you will be choked by default, and only unchoked when the peer is ready to send. How the peer decides who to unchoke and when to unchoke them depends on the client they are running. The decision can involve all sorts of thing like current number of connections, bandwidth limits, transfer priorities, etc.

Some clients like tixati allow you to manually choke and unchoke individual peers, although in the overwhelming majority of situations this should not be useful or necessary.
by Guest on 2022/11/27 07:40:44 PM    
>>> Help please, I got numerous torrents half done, they download quick to half way and then just stall.

Click on the "Peers" tab and you will see the status of other torrent clients.  Likely they are all at the same percentage transferred as you.

If there are no seeders than this is an artifact from the time when the last seeder disconnected leaving some leecher(s) with incomplete torrents.  This is often the case with old torrents.  You can click on the "Trackers" tab to see if any trackers are counting any seeders.   If there are no seeders then you can either leave the torrent up and hope someone with a complete download eventually comes online and completes your download, or you can give up and delete the torrent from Tixati.

Sometimes you will see there is a seeder but there are a bunch of leechers all seemingly stuck at the same percent completed.  Usually these will eventually complete for everybody but not always.   This happens for a number of reasons but probably the original seeder does not have much available bandwidth and is seeding but slowly.   Be patient.

Sometimes there is a seeder but there is something wrong with their configuration and they don't actually serve any data.

Tixati provides a lot of information about the torrent and the peers.  Take some time to look at all of it and try to figure out what is happening.

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