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Downloading and queued torrents all stopped at same time

by Guest on 2022/11/01 09:52:28 PM    
Environment: Windows10, fully up-to-date, Tixati 2.88 (a bit old, but has been working reliably for a long time).
On a machine I look after remotely, I had 48 torrents between active downloading and the queue. All stopped at the same time, the log entries all look like

[18:52:05]  stopping > (torrent name...)

There is nothing significant preceding these entries in the log

[18:22:38]  seeding initiated > (torrent name...)
[18:44:45]  stopping > (completed torrent)
[18:49:50]  stopping > (completed torrent)

There was no interruption of internet service, nothing in any Windows eventlogs, and no evidence of Tixati being restarted.
This has now happened at least 4 times, and is getting quite annoying...

Does anyone have suggestions on how I might troubleshoot this problem.

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