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Automatic folder creation for single file archive downloads

by Guest on 2022/10/29 06:18:13 AM    
Hi, I download a lot of torrents with a single .zip/.rar file in them and wanted to automate folder creation for them. Reason being, I can keep seeding and still have the convenience of double clicking the torrent from tixati to take me to the folder containing the zip where I can also unzip and access the contained files in its own folder without manually creating the folder every time ( downloaded to D:\example\, files extracted to D:\example), instead of having a giant mess of files in a big folder if I unzip into the same root directory ( downloaded to D:\, files extracted in D:\), or from having the zip separated from the extracted files in its own directory ( downloaded to D:\, files extracted in D:\example). Automating this process would save me a lot of time and effort. I download a lot of zips.

Can this be achieved with 'File completion shell commands'? If so, how would I format the command? I've tried all the different combinations I could think of, such as:
.zip,.rar:command "$basepath"\"$name$ext"
but I don't know shell command and I couldn't find any detailed enough documentation to help solve this on my own. Any advice would be grateful.
by Guest on 2022/11/17 07:39:49 AM    

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