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Any web interface setup for dummies?

by Jethrowanttobearockstar on 2022/10/23 09:57:40 PM    
Is there a video or page with setup for web interface?

I've killed my firewalls and that allows me to view it on the installed pc only. I can't open the address on a different pc.

I have a win 8 & 10 setup, Windscribe installed but off.

I couldn't log on with any passwords, but I shut it off and can load page on the same pc as tixati's installed. Any help? I'm kind of a pc guy, just not this stuff.... :)
by notaLamer on 2022/10/25 02:06:15 PM - user interface - webinterface
"joe" is the user name (aka login) and "4jd..." is the password for the web interface. The port is 8888.
When you are on the same computer, you enter in your browser and then enter the user/pass. That IP address always points the computer to itself.
The next question is, which other IPs does your PC have? For example, LAN IPs are usually "192.168.0.x". Look at network adapters or run "ipconfig /all" in Windows console to see all installed networks. One of these will be your home LAN network and the IP addresses there will be for your router (aka gateway) and your PC (aka "IP address" and "IPv6 address"). You will be able to access the web interface from your smartphone if it's connected to home wi-fi.

If you wanted web UI to be reachable outside of home (remotely) then you'll need port-forwarding on your router or your VPN and know your external IP address (the ones websites show you). The router thing may not be possible due to NAT in that case you can only accomplish that with a VPN or a service like ngrok-io (advanced).

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