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[Feature Request] - Ability to PAUSE download or seed for x time

by Guest on 2022/10/18 02:32:08 AM    
If I'm downloading/uploading 3 things

Bandwidth is spread across all.

Something may be nearing completion, so it would be good to pause the other 2 temporarily to let one prioritize instead of contending for bandwidth.
Highlight a download, Yes, we can already STOP, START, but already, stopping means you lose your queue place and another starts, so pointless.

If you add PAUSE for x,10,20,30, and maybe 1h,2h,4h,8h,16h,24h BUT THIS ITEM must remain in-queue or hold in-seed position (as a timed blocker I guess)
So this allows someone else to use broadband in the apartment by pause either selected single or multiple downloads for say 4h, when you're away to sleep it will auto-resume.

I know there is scheduler, but this new feature is ad-hoc for prioritising bandwidth with 2 mouse clicks without setting up or learning complex rules.

by ZarkBit on 2022/10/21 10:51:54 AM    
There is no Pause event in the bittorrent protocol, there's only Started, Completed or Stopped. Either use the queueing system or choke them.

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