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Tixati v3.12 Broken

by ASmith on 2022/10/17 09:01:26 PM    
Tixati v3.12 Broken

Several hundred files show as downloaded and past their seeding time yet are not showing as named in any of my local folders. Not in the tixati temp nor in my designated folder for Tixati to move completed videos into. The endless showing of the configuration error file continues. All those showing seeding appears to be lost.

Error Saving Config File
Too many open files (24)
Retry  Ignore

It appears this application has become unusable for me, it'll take many days to try and individually record those in various stages of downloading and then begin the same .torrent transfers with another torrent client.
by Guest on 2022/10/18 02:02:59 AM    
Hi ASmith,

Hope you are doing good

How many downloads/seeds do you keep in your Tixati list?
Just trying to figure out what could be the issue.

Can you try highlighting your stranded/orphaned downloads and >> OPEN FILES >> SHOW LOCATION >> (see which window explorer location pops up?)

I've not experienced that error message myself, but might not use it anywhere near as much as you.

I have a lot of issues with Tixati, it's perfectly OK if you like continually babysitting the app. Sometimes that is half the fun.

What if you do a force recheck on your files are they missing at 0%, or 100% in Tixati but missing locally on disk

Are you using multiple disks? Almost sounds like a disk volume got low. Are you using the preserve minimum disk space setting ?

(Backing up broken download torrent files)
Can you highlight all your broken downloads and (right hand click) >> SHARE >> SHARE .TORRENT
Save these into a folder and try deleting one download as a test and drop the .torrent back on?

When you start this download, if the files are already there it should recheck them? Or watch to see if it downloads again?

Not sure if you can look at the debug menus and see if there's anything useful to post or capture for the forum?

I've been reporting bugs and improvements but none of my reports seem to be acknowledged unfortunately.
There needs to be a proper bug tracking thread on here, maybe I will start by creating one this week.

Not heard anyone confirm/deny if the MOVE ON COMPLETION issue was fixed??? Anyone had issues?

Cheers to Tixati devs and support team. We know you are working hard. Thank you for all efforts.
Please listen to us 'complaining' users as it will result in a much better product being achieved much more quickly!

From a regular donator and contributor. Doing my bit to keep this project alive. Appreciate it all.
by ASmith on 2022/10/18 07:57:05 PM    
Error Saving Config File
Too many open files (24)
Retry  Ignore

Prevents any further use, just constantly flashes that error and its not moving the completed files resulting in a gigantic haystack of completed with incomplete torrents. I'd try a older pre-v3.11 install if I can find any for linux ubuntu .deb amd64.

There's several thousand files I have to pick through in attempting to break even on this foobar.
by Guest on 2022/10/19 02:50:09 AM    
Error Saving Config File
Too many open files (24)
Retry  Ignore

have you tried deleting (or moving out temporarily) your bwpresets2.dat.temp and/or your bandwidth.dat file?
is that the only file giving you this error?
that could be interfering with your downloads moving on complete.
solve the config problem and you might solve the move on complete trouble you are having.
by janet on 2022/12/13 06:29:32 AM    
Tixati v3.14 has been released and all move on complete problems should be fixed.

If anyone is still having problems with move on complete failing or being held up please post something so the devs can fix it.

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