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Override stop on remote seed count

by Guest on 2022/10/16 08:38:29 PM    
on category level i have this setting and i would like to override it for a torrent, but on a torrent level there is no such setting
also i think it would be better to have another naming instead of "use default setting" - "inherit"
by Guest on 2022/10/17 07:13:43 PM    
Hello my friend,

In Tixati, you appear to be able to set the SEED LIMIT=x to different values on a per download basis
this means you can have 10 for this download and 20 for that download and 5 for another.

In addition to applying this setting to 1 single download at a time...

You can also highlight a much wider selection of downloads or ALL of them >> (right hand click) >> SEEDING >> REMOTE SEED LIMIT >> (choose value ie=5)

To turn this SEED LIMIT completely off

All you need to do is select the desired downloads (ie all of them?) and perform this:

Highlight Download(s) (try using ctrl OR shift key) >> (right hand click) >> SEEDING >> REMOTE SEED LIMIT=none

I checked for a column header to show SEED LIMIT value in sortable form and perhaps this is what you were expecting to see?

You could post a message here asking for a feature request

Does that help? Let us know if this helped...

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