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***** Tixati v3.12 is Now Available! *****    📌    🔒  

by janet on 2022/10/15 05:30:17 AM    
October 14, 2022

Tixati version 3.12 is now available. There have been many fixes and refinements throughout the program:

- support tixati_local_instance_check.txt in app folder, which allows multiple stand-alone instances to run from separate app folders
- support tixati_standalone_mode.txt in app folder, which is the same as portable mode except without restricting system folder locations to the same device
- fixed potential crash when loading corrupt piece data storage file from previous session
- fixed problems with status area at top of floating channel windows
- fixed edit box select-on-focus problems in chat room view
- non-custom colored single and multi-line text views in dialogs now have correct system colors even on dark OS themes
- file and folder selection controls on Windows builds now have proper font-scaled minimum size request
- fixed rare crash in menu sizing routines on Windows builds
- paned split views now accurately save/restore divider position when hosting tabbed view with different minimum heights on each tab
- proper font-scaled minimum sizing for rich-text view and plain-text views on Windows and Linux builds
- fixed GTK rich-text view selection mouse capture and text highlighting problems
- single and multi-line edit boxes now properly enforce maximum bytes input with multi-byte UTF8 sequences, preventing text-clipping later
- tree and list view minimum size request in Windows is now font-proportional
- GTK builds, all secondary floating windows and dialogs are now destroyed instantly when program is closed, before .dat files save
- fixed other minor problems with program closedown in GTK main loop exit procedure which were causing crashes
- Auto-Shutdown now correctly executes a system shutdown on both Linux and Windows builds
- some refinements to tree and list view background painting, now showing proper alternating-row background in all places
- fixed minor problems when dropping many files onto the main transfers view or categories panel at once
- paned view divider position is now saved separately for main window chat view and floating channel window chat view
- fixed rare crash when sorting transfers view by time left or by BPS In/Out
- IPv6 addresses with a trailing double-colon :: are now correctly parsed in all areas of the program, no more unnecessary host resolve
- fixed problems when manually adding peers from transfer options tab in peers section
- when merging duplicate transfers, web-seed and peer addresses are now properly forwarded from the duplicate transfer to the original
- adding a transfer by raw torrent hash-ID now works correctly from Add Transfer dialog, WebUI, and ctrl-V in transfers view
- fixed crash saving core2.dat config file when there are transfers in a rare error state and missing key components
- magnet-link copy templates now correctly handle  tag on transfers that only have a v1 hash-ID
- new wildcard: match prefix for Individual Tracker Options in Settings > Transfers > Trackers
- transfer preload window default enter-key action now works correctly
- fixed problem with DHT Peer DB view shortcut ctrl-shift ZQZ which creates transfer from selected hash entry
- fixed problems with channel Secure Local Resource Discovery, which allow peers to find each other on the local LAN
- minor refinements to the channel list display, some column alignments changed
- numerous other minor GUI tweaks and fixes throughout the program

Thanks for using Tixati!

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