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About: Replies from Janet and Tixati Devs

by Guest on 2022/10/12 08:11:44 PM    
Has anybody noticed Janet replies to some people but not others?

Does that mean if you don't get a reply to your (feature-request/suggestion/bugfix) it's never going to be considered?

Tixati is a very special creation and we all contribute; some with time and effort on this forum and others with donations to keep this wonderful unique project alive.

A long time ago I discovered a rather advanced P2P program called WinMX when WinXP was the 'in-thing' (still is the latest thing for some people!)  
WinMX was so much fun, just like Tixati. I remember having to wait for the WinMX traffic lights to change green. A lot has changed in the world since then I guess.
It was only in recent years, I actually realised Tixati was written by THE SAME GUY! I was so pleased as I always wondered what happened.

I literally need to send a massive almighty thanks to the creators/developers of Tixati it really ISN'T just like 'any other' software.
Testing each new Tixati version gives me a tremendous amount of enjoyment and is very fun to setup and constantly re-configure to find your best settings, functionality and layout.
I still find new hidden settings even though I thought I knew it all.

Why I am posting this message:

It would be really nice if the devs could interact with the users a bit more now and again ?
I even think people would tend to donate more regularly if they felt it was really making a big difference to the development.

Would be amazing if Tixati devs maybe comment on some of the awesome features and fixes people have posted on here.

Thanks once again for making this fab software. Looking forward to seeing the devs interact more.
by janet on 2022/10/13 04:43:51 AM    
Every suggestion, bug and problem are sent to the Devs, even when I don't reply to the thread.
The Devs are very busy maintaining Tixati, Fopnu, Darkmx and Super Simple Server and rarely have time reply to the forum.
The Devs are sometimes active in the Fopnu chatrooms.
Version 3.12 should be released within days.
by Guest on 2022/10/13 08:16:24 PM    
Janet thanks so much for your reply!

Had no idea about DarkMX, will be sure to read up on it.

Awesome news another drop is coming very soon! Can't wait!
Sending our gratitude to keep your motivation up :-D

Please continue to let the devs know we are absolutely loving their hard work

Thank you

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