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Chat commands don't work in Channels, v3.11

by notaLamer on 2022/10/11 08:59:36 PM    
For example, /nick used to work right?
I tried "/timestamps on" from the help page and it doesn't work. No commands show when you click the small settings button as they used to in older versions.

Suggestion: add a "?" button (possibly as an addition to the gear button) that'd serve as a quick command reference.
Second: To make sure users don't miss it, move both buttons to the left of chat input.
Third: Add the user group icon there, overall layout will then look like:
[Gears][?]icon [input box]
I know the group icon is already shown in chat list and user list, but both could be out of view or not paid attention to. If chats were used more often, the group rank icon would remind you, who you are writing as and that you can punish misbehaving users. Lastly for stylistic reasons: two buttons on the left would be followed by an icon without the "ugly" button border.

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