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Options for reordering queued items?

by appyface on 2022/10/09 12:29:56 AM    
v3.11 Linux.

I have wanted to find easier ways to rearrange the queued order especially when there are lots of items. Certainly not a deal breaker if it doesn't happen, but would be nice if some of this is possible.

I have often wanted to sort the queued items on various criteria (name, size, remaining size, etc.) and then easily reorder their position in the queue based on that sorted order. I have tried stopping the items, sorting the list, then starting them again but the original queue order is preserved. (I can reorder one at a time by dragging but looking for bulk action instead).

I recently discovered on shortcut menu there is a "queue next" option. When clicked on a single item it sets it to be the first in the queue. If I highlight a small group of items and click it, they will all move to the start but I can't get any sort of ordering within that. I looked for a way to assign a hotkey to this option, then possibly I could use my arrow key down and quickly do them individually.

I can't think of any other ways to effect a bulk reordering of the queued items. Is there something else I can try? Thank you for any help.

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