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Apache Open Office - Magnet and MetaLink torrent links do not op

by Guest on 2022/10/06 03:29:56 PM    
During the following, Tixati was running but all existing torrents were switched off / stopped.

LibreOffice makes its suite available for download via torrent as well as direct download and it hosts .torrent files in the download section.

Conversely Apache Open Office seems to like hiding its torrent downloads, link for which I only found via a search engine, as:

I never have problems importing LibreOffice .torrent files into Tixati and downloading. I prefer torrents for these large files as it avoids the necessity of faffing around doing a manual hash check among other things.

a) If you go to the above (Apache) OpenOffice link you will see for *current* files that Magnet and MetaLink links appear. Trying to select the Windows (x32) file magnet link, Firefox v105.0.2 asks me what application to open the link with. I browse to the relevant place and Tixati executable file and select and OK but nothing appears in Tixati.
Then I right click the Magnet link on Apache's page linked above and copy it, and in Tixati in Add New Transfer / Open Magnet Link, I paste it and Tixati replies "0 links found" and "Open" is greyed out.

b) Having failed so far I then try MetaLink on Apache's above linked page.
Clicking on the MetaLink link one moves to a page with a lot of undifferentiated mush being a long list of hashes and urls with no explanation of how to use it - I copied the main body of the page being such link and pasted into Tixati using the Open Magnet Link as described above and again Tixati replies "0 links found" and "Open" is greyed out.

Any idea of how to get Tixati to work with this? I've briefly looked for a means of converting a magnet link to a .torrent file but the old Firefox add-on seems to have gone and no luck so far otherwise.
by Guest on 2022/10/11 11:49:22 AM    
For latest AOO setup Apache provides only direct download links which can be downloaded for e.g. with Free Download Manager.
Apache(?) provided legacy/outdated build via p2p, but it seems it was very long ago, thus the unsupported Magnet protocol. Looking at the info in the archaic magnet link the provided setup was version 2.1.0.
MetaLinks are also something from the medieval era, no support for them anymore. The MetaLinks provided the version 2.4.0. MetaLink is basically a collection of FTP links. All the FTP hosts are long dead, because... Version 2.4.0 of then OpenOffice setup, before Apache took over, came out in 2008.
If you want an ancient version of OOo, you should dig deeper on the web. If you want the latest, you need to settle with official direct download. Apache does not provide magnet/torrent links to latest setup.

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