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[Feature Request] - Reviving lost Meta-Data with Tixati

by Guest on 2022/10/06 03:27:18 PM    
From the 'old days' I have downloads that I'd like to reseed.

- I know the file size
- Let's say my files are 123.4 Mb
- I don't have the original ".torrent" file.

I search the web and think I find the InfoHash online that seems to match the names of my files AND 123Mb size. Looking positive.
Load the magnet/hash into Tixati. Either 3 things will happen:

1) Tixati will find the Meta-Data and fetch it and download the files.
2) Tixati will find the Meta-Data and fetch it but 0.00% files exist
3) Tixati will NOT find any peers and stuck with "hash-link" showing up

OK for (1) End of the issue. My files not needed.

OK for (2) I can check the filesize in Tixati. "STOP Download" Copy MY files over the top of pre-allocated ones. Then FORCE RECHECK. Mostly I get 100% and done. SUCCESS WORKS! RESEED!!!

OK for (3) I need to do a lot more work...

I can CREATE NEW TORRENT using the files on my disk. And see what InfoHash it gives me. Then compare mine with what's online.

Hit and miss with Tixati, sometimes I get the SAME HASH as on a website. Happy Days, the download is now revived.

HOWEVER, I noticed when creating a torrent you need to select PIECE SIZE (as the original creator years ago)
And you don't know what that was.

If an Original Download was created by *another* client program, it DOESN'T seem to use same formula of piece sizes as Tixati.

SO, I AUTO piece size recreated files in Tixati, got a hash. Wasn't what I was expecting.
SO, I AUTO piece size recreated files in CLIENT, got a hash. WAS what I was expecting.

This is about reviving dead hashes into .torrent MetaData so it can be re-seeded.

OK FOR the feature Request in Tixati, Is it possible, when creating NEW Torrent, to test-mode compute ALL HASHES for ALL PIECE combinations? And display a list of those hashes?

So when I'm trying to recreate known hashes from files I have from years ago, I don't need to try loads of times with 32,64,128,256,512,1M,2M,4M,8M (etc)
Usually... I can guess, small download will only be the beginning range of piece sizes. Massive torrent will be end ranges.

Anyone else reseed stuff in this way? Tixati is an AWESOME tool-kit for doing this. It's absolutely magnificent.

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