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Tixati v3.11 Bug does not physically remove the Torrent files in

by ASmith on 2022/10/06 04:07:44 AM    
Tixati v3.11 Bug does not physically remove the Torrent files in the Tixati-temp folder when the user selects that option.

I verified that selecting 'Remove' on the Tixati mouse submenu of items on a highlighted Torrent that is showing 'offline' or the other bug 'connection error', does not physically remove the local Torrent Dl'd matching that item in the default Tixati-temp folder.

That bug causes a pile of old discarded half-downloaded or with the current apparent bug in v3.11, fully downloaded files by not properly moved, merely sitting there taking up your valuable HD free space until you realize this and manually go in and manually remove them spending houses figuring out which is which.

To help cut down the manual time spend trying to clear-up Torrent files this bug has prevented being moved to its completed folder, it would be helpful for the developer to add two needed, critical additions.

1) Add the ability to alphabetize the download list, presently its a haystack and there's no option to change that. There currently is no option either to copy and paste the error list or partial list making for a time consuming manual hunt and search.

2) Add the option to physically remove the local files in the Tixati-temp folder that are highlighted and the user selects 'Remove'.

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