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[Bug] space in the end of folder name

by umnin on 2022/10/06 02:24:27 AM    
Added torrent, selected new folder for downloading location and accidentally added space in the end of folder name.
Now I can't delete folder with default explorer or rename or whatever.
I can create new folder in explorer with same name but without space in the end.
And both these folders will be open same location with same files.

OS: Windows 10 21H1, 19043.985. Tixati 3.11x64
by Guest on 2022/10/06 09:49:43 PM    
Short-term, you can still delete the folder from powershell, cmd, or whatever shell you feel more comfortable with. Long term, I agree that folder names should have the input sanitized, I've had that issue before.
by umnin on 2022/10/07 12:11:30 AM    
Yeah, I managed to delete with total commander. But still will be troublesome for those, who don't know about shell or some other folder explorers / file managers.

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