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Repeat troubling Bug v3.11 Tixati

by ASmith on 2022/10/05 11:14:59 PM    
Repeat troubling Bug v3.11 Tixati multiple error opening file for allocation No such file or directory (2)

Tixati v3.11 briefly froze and crashed forcing me to reboot v3.11 Tixati which presented 25 different error opening file for allocation errors.

SOME of the downloaded videos are complete yet those and all of the Bytes downloaded display are inaccurately being shown. 807 MB of a 97% DL'd video with this error of 825 MB, is in fact complete and 825 MB and now stuck in the Tixati temp folder until its individually manually discovered and moved to the finished video's folder.

I reported this same nasty serial bug some month ago. There appears to be no recovering from this nasty bug. Forcing a recheck doesn't correct this bug, it doesn't clear up fully downloaded videos displaying the wrong sized Byte dl values, it often falsely tells me its offline.

It appears the only really bad solution is to individually manually (delete) remove any showing this error opening file that do not appear to be fully downloaded, then reload the .torrent file and try again. That is a very time consuming and frustrating solution when this bug rears its ugly head with far more than 25 errors as it did before leaving me with around 200 Dl's in limbo and no solutions in Tixati to resolve this serial bug.

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