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How to re-download files that went offline?

by Guest on 2022/10/05 09:07:40 PM    
I just recently had a hard drive failure, and all of my downloaded and seeding torrents went offline. Alas, I did not have backups.

I have changed the default locations to a new drive (different drive letter), and I'd like to re-download the files for these torrents.

Can someone please help me with the steps I need to take, to re-start the downloads of the torrents that are still in my transfers list? Can I somehow mark them as "reset" and start downloading again to the new drive?

by ASmith on 2022/10/05 11:26:29 PM    
I have repeatedly run into this same error. Tixati crashes then presents a flood of these errors. Forcing rechecks does not correct the problem. The files are temporarily downloaded into the Tixati-temp folder as a default.

Write down the individual Torrent names for each one that is displaying that nasty bug Error listing.
Go to your default temporary download folder, Tixati-temp and individually open each of those Torrents you wrote down to see if the video icon is showing the movie or if its incomplete.

On those that are complete, move the folder to your completed Tixati download folder.

On those that are incomplete look to see if you have a readily available .torrent file that matches that Torrent and if so then in the Tixati gui highlight that errored Torrent and in the mouse sub-menu chose (remove), double check by deleting that folder if needed in Tixati-temp presuming there's yet another bug in the Tixati coding that doesn't actually physically remove that folder in Tixati-temp. Then re-add the .torrent file to begin a fresh download of that Torrent file.

Yes, depending on the number of incomplete mixed with complete Torrent files all displaying the offline and error opening message, the above can be a nasty and laborious series of actions but these steps appear to be a end-around for the time being until the developer patches the bug, hopefully with additional checks to make certain the multiple or compounded bugs are patched and corrected.
by Guest on 2022/10/06 02:11:31 AM    
Sounds like maybe your file storage disk failed and your Tixati install + download screen is still fully populated with your favorite stuff?

If Tixati doesn't have any downloads listed, you need to search the web and find magnet links as per usual.
If Tixati does have your downloads listed but no files present, try:

TRANSFERS screen >> (highlight your download) RIGHT HAND MOUSE CLICK >> Local Files >> Force Check

Then highlight that download and (right hand click) >> START >> the download again (if red) or (if blue) right hand mouse click >> SKIP QUEUE >>

That might work for you? If one works repeat by selecting multiple lines using SHIFT and click on multiple download lines

Whether your files are available on the internet is another matter I guess, just keep trying!

Let us know if this helps?
by Guest on 2022/10/06 06:51:50 PM    
Thank you for the replies!

ASmith, that wasn't quite my issue, but thank you for taking the time to reply.

Guest, that was it exactly. I thought I had tried basically the steps you said while I was experimenting, but I guess I didn't get things in exactly the right order. Thanks for the clear instructions!

The only thing I had to modify was to Right-click on file name > Local files > Location > and pick the new downloads folder on a different drive, before I selected Start again. Files seem to be downloading ok to the new drive now.

Thank you all for the help!

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