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RSS Feed Extension

by Guest on 2022/10/04 09:16:37 PM    
Hey guys,

I did a bit of searching and found API/CLI isn't viable for Tixati, but thought I'd ask about the possibility of an extensiion to the RSS system. Here's a bit of background:
I'm a weeb. Every season. as one draws to a close and another gets ready to start, I take a bunch of shows I anticipate watching and make rss feeds to auto-download/move these feeds. Would it be possible to take a list of strings (Anime titles in this case), apply a regex to those and apply the result to the regex capture of the feed; then just specify feeds and directory it moves to?

for the example let's just call the starting strings Title

In my case, all I'd have to do is take Title and apply regex as follows:

feeds are always going to be

title fields are always going to be Title (the string we operated on to get the filter)

path is always going to be /nas/Anime/Title

Not sure if this would be done as an extension, or maybe rss feeds are kept in a file or object that can be interacted with by third party applications, or something to batch create rss feeds - that would be awesome
by Guest on 2022/10/04 11:24:11 PM    
Not sure if you are a coder, but you seem to understand regex,

If I was solving this problem you could use something local on your PC running checking those RSS feeds on your favorite site matching your criteria.
You would then copy the magnet link and write it into a .magnet text file in a folder monitored by Tixati, this would kick-off a download.

Settings >> Transfers >> Meta-Info >> "Open .torrent files created in or moved to this folder" + TICKBOX "Load Magnet Links from......" might be worth looking into?

Might need to play about with that manually first to see if it works (place a magnet/hash link in a file and copy to that location)
If that works you have half a solution possibly?

You can enable the search your downloads text bar and manually locate your keyword files and find/move them?
Otherwise you could use scheduler to run something regularly that reads the same program word list and moves your files?

Without knowing much more its difficult to say? I noted Tixati already has RSS feature, but presumably the searching filtering is traditionally done on your favorite site before Tixati reads it?
But not in this case?
by Guest on 2022/10/06 12:47:15 AM    
I do have a folder already being monitored, so it wouldn't be hard to implement that.

Also, right, the trouble here is the feeds themselves don't have any filters, and while the feed remains the same through changing seasons, the filters are changing for the most part.

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