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Download queue logic makes no sense in Tixati

by Guest on 2022/10/04 09:05:18 PM    
01) Why are hash-links allowed in the GREEN DOWNLOAD area at all? This is *WRONG* logic. Makes absolutely no sense. When unresolveable they clog-up the download queue.

02) Hash-links should always be QUEUED BLUE until Meta-Data is acquired. Tixati is already absolutely superb at finding Meta-Data in QUEUE mode. Let's take full advantage of that.

03) Unresolved 'hash-links' should ALWAYS be at the VERY BACK END of the BLUE QUEUE - The QUEUE list of hash-links should be resorted to LAST no matter what.

04) The FRONT of the BLUE QUEUED area should be automatically and continually resorted with QUEUED potential downloads (ones WITH complete Meta-Data)

05) hash-links that sit there for days/weeks and suddenly resolve to Meta-Data should be moved into the DOWNLOAD queue immediately - rare seed is obviously ONLINE - need to act fast on that opportunity.

Right now the queue logic in Tixati works okay ONLY on a basis "all downloads have Meta-Data" AND "all downloads are available 100%" - HOWEVER this is not the case in reality.

I absolutely love Tixati but we really need to consider the above, it's just not working properly for me without some of the above logic applied.

Thank you to the authors of Tixati it brings me a lot of fun,

Please kindly consider the above which would make Tixati much more logical in functionality

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