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Tixati V3.11 Not Properly processing Tixati-torrent folder

by ASmith on 2022/10/02 09:18:49 PM    
Tixati V3.11 Not Properly processing Tixati-torrent folder

Non-duplicate .torrent files are piling up in my Tixati v3.11 folder waiting to be processed and are being ignored. I have to move the files out of the folder and back again to repeatedly try and kick-start Tixati into processing them. I have repeatedly had 300 tiny .torrent files collect and waiting for Tixati v3.11 to notice them and begin processing them.

Something is very wrong there, I never had that problem with the previous version, now its very beta and seems to have one bug after another.
by ASmith on 2022/10/02 10:58:17 PM    
Tixati V3.11 Not Properly processing Tixati-torrent folder reply

I Bumped up General -- Queuing -- Download slots to 500
To try and flush the haystack of nearly 300 .torrents sitting in the Tixati-torrent folder instead of immediately being processed.
around 50 processing torrent files now are showing error opening: Too many open files (24)
I had to highlight around 50 of these --> Local files -- force recheck -- after finishing the recheck -- Start to begin.

382 Downloading it appears 390 is about maximum although I still have several more MB/sec of bandwidth over the top of the maximum settings on Tixati.
DHT Online 727 nodes
I'll wait until around 30 more downloads are completed then re-Start around 20 remaining torrents showing 'error opening: Too many open files (24).

Perhaps the hard-coded source variables pertaining to active open files need to be increased, I suspect a low arbitrary coded max on open files is the culprit in the coding.
by Guest on 2022/11/17 07:17:24 AM    
if those .torrent files were put in that folder while tixati was closed, tixati will not load them when restarted. the files must be put into the folder while tixati is running in order for tixati to load them.

i dont think there is a download limit. i have over 1000 downloading.

what OS?

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