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V3.11 [BUG?] Tixati Encrypted UDP causes Have 0.0% on Transmissi

by Guest on 2022/10/01 06:34:44 PM    
Hi Tixati Devs!

I have an issue where Tixati 3.11 connects using: OUTGOING-UDP-ENCRYPTED mode to a Transmission3.00 user.  I know, "Transmission" YUCK! haha :-D

The Transmission3.00 owner is telling me they can see "Client: Tixati 3.11 - Have: 0.0%"

This is slightly annoying as I actually have file %'s

I did some testing and found it WORKS if you connect using: OUTGOING-UDP-PLAIN
So, when you turn Tixati encryption OFF, this suddenly works on the Transmission3.00 side is showing the correct 'Have %'

Turn on 'Encrypted Preferred' again and it's back to 'Have 0.0%' far side.

Anybody else seeing this?

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