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Pre-3.11 hybrid torrent's padding files not hidden after 3.11

by notaLamer on 2022/10/01 02:54:05 PM    
When I used an older Tixati version, I added a torrent that was created by a qBittorrent user. Looks like what I got was the hybrid torrent (V1) of their torrent (V1+V2).

Now I see the _pad folder still remains, 800MB in size (total torrent size is 54 GiB).
Shouldn't Tixati recognize this and retroactively hide and delete this files? (although the torrent remains a v1 of the hybrid)

Due to low adoption of V2 in clients and some individuals who still use uTorrent v2 if not 1.8, I expect this situation will become more common as the initially hybrid (V1+V2) torrents degrade to V1-only after a couple rounds of sharing between people.

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