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bug adding magnet links in transfer tab - Win 10

by Guest on 2022/09/27 04:05:37 AM    
When in Transfer Tab:
Adding multiple torrents by clicking magnets or drag/drop multiple torrents
View switches to "All Transfers" (away from whatever category was selected)
Seems bogged down by the switch to "all transfers" - I have a lot of completed torrents.
This happens about 50% of the time

If I only add a few and wait for them to start and sparse allocate files before adding more, this reduced crash to 20% of the time.

No crash if in the "home" tab.  So I now switch to home tab before adding torrents.
No crash if torrents added through RSS feed.
by Guest on 2022/09/27 07:00:13 PM    
Possibly relevant - I am checking some files (not many - about 10GB worth) and it's taking two hours (much longer than normal).  

During this "checking" time the core2.dat file has started to write but has not completed.

The core2.dat file is on a different drive than the data.

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