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[FEATURE REQUEST] Bandwidth Screen to show what's uploading/down

by Guest on 2022/09/24 08:04:29 PM    
Hi Team Tixati ;-)

Whenever I have Tixati running on TRANSFERS screen, it kills my upload speed...

So I tend to leave it on BANDWIDTH graph page, then it utilises 100% of my upload (which is great)
However, it's unclear what is using my bandwidth as only one color is ever shown.

Looking at the DHT rolling statistics screen, KH makes excellent use of multi-graphing-overlay.
Please could the devs make a feature exactly like DHT multi-graphing overlay but on the BANDWIDTH screen - So we can easy distinguish the top x seeds please?

I mean different colours for the top x Uploads/Downloads and HOVER MOUSE over the colors and it says which transfer

This would look absolutely fab and I could easily see what's popular etc being uploaded.

Really love Tixati - Thank you -

Yes I already donate and I would be happy to send further regular donations.
Please keep improving Tixati!

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