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v3.11 [FEATURE?] Ignore Peer is now Permanent between restarts

by Guest on 2022/09/23 11:41:16 AM    
Tixati v2 introduced a block peer function. It was a great addition by the Dev team.

I use this feature all the time.

You'll find this in TRANSFERS > (select a download line) > PEER (tab) then where you can see IP addresses > RIGHT HAND MOUSE CLICK > 'Ignore'

This makes a misbehaving peer 'banned'
In Tixati v2, a restart of the program CLEARED the ignore/ban list to 'zero' so you start afresh

In Tixati v3, a restart now KEEPS these banned peers.

Which in v3 is perfectly OK with me.

BUT if we have this new feature, ideally we need a way of managing it:

1) Feature to add BANNED PEERS in a table list which can be reviewed by the user
2) Ideally to be editable in case user adds peer a mistake on previous sessions
3) Perhaps also add "block this entire /24 range" or custom range feature (REALLY WANT THIS!!!)
4) Needs a RESET IGNORED PEERS button on the table list to clear it all
5) Maybe put a checkbox in SETTINGS screen (default=OFF) so people like me can enable checkbox to have persist ignores peers by choice

Would be nice to also Ban Ports (enter port number, save) such as :51500 = A well-known 'malicious' port - that results in your ISP sending letters to your home <-pathetic people huh!

by Guest on 2022/09/26 03:32:24 AM    
Great idea. I would also like to see this added on the next build. The only program I will ever use is TIXATI...!!
by Guest on 2023/11/05 06:52:23 AM    
by TixMan on 2024/06/13 10:53:42 PM    

I've been reviewing my torrent usage and this seems to make sense in managing peers which are mal-behaved.

Thank you.
by Guest on 2024/06/15 03:03:28 AM    
Actually, I think banned peer management - This is available in Tixati v3.19 - just very well hidden and undocumented it seems.

Maybe you can try finding it. You might need to enable channels or something so you have the CONTACTS button top right.

Go into CONTACTS (blue/green people icon) top right of Tixati...
You either get a popup window or a side pane of contacts

Click the User Name at the top. May be showing Guest987 ? Or something similar unless you renamed it to your own choice.
Then once you clicked Guest987 a small menu appears.
Click the NO ENTRY symbol labelled "Ignored Users"

A list of computer icons and IP numbers appears.

This here is your IGNORE and UNIGNORE management list

RED IP numbers are blocked. To unignore one, right hand click, and (green circle) UNIGNORE comes up.

Can you find this menu on yours? Update us please... thank you.

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