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v3.11 [FEATURE?] Ignore Peer is now Permanent between restarts

by Guest on 2022/09/23 11:41:16 AM    
Tixati v2 introduced a block peer function. It was a great addition by the Dev team.

I use this feature all the time.

You'll find this in TRANSFERS > (select a download line) > PEER (tab) then where you can see IP addresses > RIGHT HAND MOUSE CLICK > 'Ignore'

This makes a misbehaving peer 'banned'
In Tixati v2, a restart of the program CLEARED the ignore/ban list to 'zero' so you start afresh

In Tixati v3, a restart now KEEPS these banned peers.

Which in v3 is perfectly OK with me.

BUT if we have this new feature, ideally we need a way of managing it:

1) Feature to add BANNED PEERS in a table list which can be reviewed by the user
2) Ideally to be editable in case user adds peer a mistake on previous sessions
3) Perhaps also add "block this entire /24 range" or custom range feature (REALLY WANT THIS!!!)
4) Needs a RESET IGNORED PEERS button on the table list to clear it all
5) Maybe put a checkbox in SETTINGS screen (default=OFF) so people like me can enable checkbox to have persist ignores peers by choice

Would be nice to also Ban Ports (enter port number, save) such as :51500 = A well-known 'malicious' port - that results in your ISP sending letters to your home <-pathetic people huh!

by Guest on 2022/09/26 03:32:24 AM    
Great idea. I would also like to see this added on the next build. The only program I will ever use is TIXATI...!!
by Guest on 2023/11/05 06:52:23 AM    

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