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[bug] tixati 3.11 resets tracker list when adding the same torre

by Guest on 2022/09/23 10:47:26 AM    
tixati 3.11 resets tracker list when adding the same torrent via magnet link (happens ONLY in hash-link state, before file list form the metadata is received).

for example: i have added a torrent via magent link from one website, then i found the same-hash torrent on a second website, but with different torrent trackers.
torrent has a few slow seeds, so the metadata transferring is not complete ATM, no file list is loaded, so the torrent is shown in tixati as hash-link.
in previous versions, everything worked as expected: when i click on the magnet link, it adds new trackers even in hash-link state.
in 3.11 - it resets the tracker list, so all the trackers from the first website (first magnet link) are lost.

very annoying and serious bug, should be fixed ASAP.

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