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Bug V3.11 Tixati-temp folder mess

by ASmith on 2022/09/22 10:26:58 PM    
Bug V3.11 Tixati-temp folder mess

I had well over 600 video folders in my default Tixati-temp folder despite the user settings for Tixati v3.11 to 'Move' completed videos over to a different folder immediately upon completion.

While sorting out this absolute mess, I discovered some of the videos were 100% downloaded and not moved, some were 25-50% downloaded which likely should have been only in the Tixati-partial folder wouldn't they, and others were copied into my chosen video folder but not moved making them a duplication eating up my hard drive storage like a serious series of Tixati v3.11 Bugs.

Tixati v3.11 users are suggested to carefully watch their Tixati-temp folder for these same issues. Partially completed files and duplicated folders if Tixati v3.11 is set to move completed files to another folder.
by ASmith on 2022/09/23 01:32:50 AM    
I've enabled the Tixati command to mark incomplete files with incomplete.$file to try and get a handle on this large Bug that is taking ever more time to work through.

Now I have to pour over the 400 remaining folders to discern if the downloaded video therein is 100% complete or not, if it was copied to my video folder already or not, if I still have a copy of the .torrent file which created it or not.

My attempts to script up a quick check on the .mp4 videos failed to provide me a ready list of those to delete, those to move, those to look if I have a copy of the tiny .torrent file to re-download them.

# locate Tixati-temp incomplete videos
find . -regex ".*\.\mp4" | while read f; do
 ffmpeg_out=$(ffmpeg -hide_banner -nostdin -v error -i "$f" -f null - 2>&1)
 [[ $ffmpeg_out ]] && echo -e "==> ERROR in $f\n${ffmpeg_out}"

Using ffmpeg is quite slow but was my first attempt, albeit not all that successful in merely displaying the videos that were incomplete.
by ASmith on 2022/09/24 05:15:22 AM    
My keeping a close eye on the default Tixati-temp folder revealed yet another Bug in v3.11.

A video containing a small Sub folder file was moved to my Tixati instructed completed video folder. However it left that video folder in the Tixati-temp folder with a incomplete copy of the Sub file inside it, minus the main Torrent video file. The Subs folder in the Tixati-temp folder shows that it is incomplete. Such is quite a mystery as Tixati  was instructed to only move the completed Video when it was complete.

Somehow the Video was complete but the entire Torrent download wasn't and Tixati still moved it into my requested Video folder.

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