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Info Hash Bug in v3.11

by Guest on 2022/09/20 06:44:48 PM    
Since updating I can no longer paste a raw Info-Hash into the Add New Transfer window.

This is what I'm doing:

1. Select "Add New Transfer"
2. Click on tab "Open Magnet Link" (Which says "Enter magnet-links or raw info-hash)
3. Paste info-hash (e.g. 123456789EE1EFEFCD6BD2D83D767344123456789)
4. At bottom of screen it reports "0 links found" and the "Open" button remains grayed out.

However, when I paste a magnet link, which contains the same hash, it works fine (e.g. magnet:?xt=urn:btih:123456789EE1EFEFCD6BD2D83D767344123456789)

So TLDR: Raw Info-Hash isnt working but Magnet links are. This has just started happening since I updated to v3.11, and i have seen other people on the forum having the same problem.

Is this something that can be fixed in the program, or is it something that needs an update?
by janet on 2022/09/20 09:50:46 PM    
This should be fixed in the next release, which should be soon.

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