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Ugly Bug in v3.11

by ASmith on 2022/09/19 04:14:27 AM    
There is a Ugly Bug in v3.11 which produces 'error opening file for allocation, No such file or directory (2) for well over 1 hundred completed video downloads that I have checked so far, leaving them in the Tixati-temp folder and showing the above error along with Need to check stuck at 0% instead of moving the completed files to my completed videos folder.

I suspect this ugly bug is magnified as the .torrent file is saved per settings if the video is completely downloaded, therefore I'll need to spend another day here working to determine if those were properly saved also.

I'll turn off the Redundant Check on the completed file and transfer, then figure out if Tixati is reliable enough to continue using it. Going through 100+ folders to see if the downloaded video is complete or not is nothing I want to repeatedly do in the future.

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