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is there a way to move file on ratio met or move file on torrent

by Guest on 2022/09/18 10:09:11 PM    
I would like to set it up to seed to the desired amount depending on the number of seeds, then stop seeding and move the file to its permanent home.  Is there any way I can do this?  Via Tixati would be convenient but if not has anyone set anything up in a similar fashion?  I can learn some stuff and post results if theres a possible solution...
by ASmith on 2022/09/19 11:10:47 PM    
Yes there is a seed until a ratio based on size of the file has been seeded, such as 1:1 or 3:1 etc. as well as a seeding time which I personally use such as 1,2,3hrs etc. After which Tixati no longer seeds that torrent collection.

Tixati Settings --> Transfers --> General --> Auto Start/Stop --> Stop seeding on upload ratio OR Stop seeding on upload minutes.

Tixati then moves the completed torrent collection if the user desires it to another folder.

Tixati Settings --> Transfers --> Locations --> enable Upon completion, move to this location.

HOWEVER, I have recently reported on a rather nasty bug in v3.11 that has been interfering with moving completed torrent collections to my other desired folder. This reached 2,000 completed video folders not being moved from Tixati-temp to my indicated other desired folder over sometime before it became very-very noticable.

I checked each of the 2,000 folders (in the Tixati-temp default download folder) and found around 1,700 were already archived in other non-Tixati related folders meaning I had already processed those into my archive hard drives and their folders. I don't know if I had downloaded them twice or the nasty bug in Tixati v3.11 had copied those over but not properly 'moved' them from A to B.

I'd advise users of Tixati v3.11 to carefully keep an eye on their Tixati-temp folder, the default download folder for Tixati IF they are instructing Tixati to move the completed torrent collection to a different folder upon completion. To make certain Tixati is properly carrying out that instruction instead of merely copying it or not carrying out the moving of completed files.
by Guest on 2022/09/23 12:43:19 PM    
Nice info ASmith!

v3.11 does appear to have a move files bug. I've had to uncheck the move and do them manually.

I'm like you, where I dislike the Tixati default settings where everything is lumped into one folder.

I like this method:
with the MOVE option ticked

Then self-explanatory, anything in COMPLETE is confirmed 100%

FURTHERMORE: This will make perfect sense in the future doing this:

I created "SAVE A TORRENT" > SETTINGS (gear icon) > TRANSFERS > Meta-Info > " a torrent in this folder when a transfer completes..."

Save to here:


In the future you will appreciate having the *.TORRENT files - Just trust me on this one !!!

More on the MOVE BUG on v3.11
1) I've found moving C:\TIXATI_INCOMPLETE to C:\TIXATI_COMPLETE - FAILS - (same drive letter)
2) I've found moving C:\TIXATI_INCOMPLETE to D:\TIXATI_COMPLETE - WORKS - (diff drive letter)

I am using v3.11 after using v2 and I have both hash check ticked after finishing the download

Can anyone else confirm these findings?

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