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v3.11 [BUG REPORT] with seeding rotation not working

by Guest on 2022/09/16 09:04:24 AM    
Hi Devs,

v3.11 Win10

I'm sharing my completed downloads list and there are 20x uploads at once. Downloading finished.
I have noticed the same seed lines rotating for days.

When I checked random samples in the 'Standby Seed' list, the majority of Standby Seed was only ever rotated ONCE on the day Tixati was launched.
If you click on many Standby Seed lines, the PEER tab and select a peer, there was only 1 connection attempt a week ago, nothing since in the logs.
This presumably isn't supposed to happen?

So Tixati does appear to rotate the whole entire list ONCE, but then Tixati gets stuck focusing rotating only on the same small 10% list of seeds, inexplicably ignoring 90% of other Standby Seeds

Please can anyone suggest a parameter fix or tweak as this as it just looks like a bug?

Thank you
by notaLamer on 2022/09/17 08:51:29 PM    
I restart Tixati every day, cannot confirm on my end.
by Guest on 2022/09/18 06:39:03 AM    
do the torrents it goes to less have many seeds? if so, you are not needed to seed and tixati realizes this.
by Guest on 2022/09/18 09:46:30 PM    
I have the same problem, noted and posted already almost immediately upon the release of the current v3.11 release. Now its normal to only see a single public tracker being activate out of perhaps 20 regardless of seeds or not. And if that single active tracker isn't finding any seeds then that .torrent of course is not being downloaded and just sits there at 0% or 15% or whatever.

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