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Is there an easy way to bulk-move torrent transfers to different

by Guest on 2022/09/11 06:55:16 AM    
I used to use only a single partition (C:) drive on my Windows system.

Recently, I decided to create an additional D: partition to store files, torrents and such. So that everytime, I format and reinstall my C: drive, I do not have to retransfer my files and torrents.

I would like to move all my torrents stored in folders located in my C: drive to move them to the D: drive.

So for e.g. I hv torrents in C:\books, C:\movies, C:\porns folders, I would like to move all them torrents transfers to D:\books, D:\movies, D:\porns -- as I have prolly around 100s of active torrent transfers among those folders..

The only way I could think of to do this right now, is to 1st to creat those 3 folders on D: drive, then manually right click on each 100 or so transfers and move them one by one..

Is there an easier way that I could do it more easily (maybe a script or other easier way) ?
by Guest on 2022/09/11 02:24:16 PM    
you could try making the three folders on your d drive and then moving through tixati the torrents to the new folders.
it may take a bit but it can all happen in the background.
you dont have to do it one by one, grab a bunch and move them all at once.
by Guest on 2022/09/11 05:17:08 PM    
Note: When moving files, Tixati does NOT preserve the file modification dates. If you care about those in your file explorer, I recommend stopping the torrents in Tixati, moving the files in Windows, then moving the files in Tixati.
Tixati will prompt that the file already exists at the destination, you just click on Merge.

If you have not put your torrents in categories you can do the following:
On the torrent list window, under the Help question mark at the top right corner, click on the "Select Columns..." menu.

In the "Transfer View" tab, check the "Location".
Unlike qBittorrent this shows only the location folder name instead of the full path in transfer view. But it seems with your current folder and drive setup, you don't really have to worry about same folder names.

You can simply sort by the Location column in Tixati, Shift-select (left click on the first, then Shift-click on the last element) your torrents in one location, then move all selected like you would a single one.
by Guest on 2022/09/11 05:37:00 PM    
You can bulk-move torrent that were downloaded in one location.
So if you downloaded all books torrent in c:\books location and not manually created c:\books\torrent1 folders -- you can safely move into D:\books folder.
Add location column in transfers window, sort downloaded torrents by it and then move torrents from same location to new location.
But if you changed location for single files inside torrent transfer, I believe it would move to in default location inside new folder.
by Guest on 2022/09/11 11:49:38 PM    
Are you using categories? You can set locations with each category.

Create a category for each kind of content. Add your torrents to each category. Right the category and click properties. Go to the Local Files tab and set the downloading and seeding locations. Click apply locations to existing transfers.

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