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add a magnet link

by loninappleton on 2022/09/09 12:27:32 AM    
I'm attempting to start a magnet from the Firefox browser.  Tixati shows that a hash link is open in the program
and there appear to be a couple others on it.  Not connections have completed.  Should the magnet be started within Tixati and give a short path to doing so.

by ASmith on 2022/09/09 10:59:29 PM    
Each browser sadly has its own particular .torrent and magnet-uri fetch and control where to send it controls. Some need a addon which firefox has plenty of to help, others merely need to be told which torrent client to direct a .torrent or magnet-uri to process.

For Firefox, I have used a add-on and then merely the browser settings on how to handle .torrent, magnet-uri's.

For Chromium, I have currently used qbittorrent to fetch the magnet-uri that in turn sends it to tixati to process. Such convolution however is merely my not having the time to further clean that up myself, but it certainly works.

Both Fopnu and Tixati would do well IMO to have a sql database option to store magnet-uris in and for friends to be able to fetch. They could be All movie magnets, or by categories etc. and Tixati and Fopnu both would as a result, stand out from similar platforms by a mile.

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