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"tag" processing not disabled in later lines of a multi-line dir

by Bugmagnet on 2022/09/08 05:08:49 PM    
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[]  empty tag at beginning of a line disables all further tag processing on that line

The empty bracket pair has to be the first characters at the beginning of the message rather than a "line" when there are multiple lines. It works as described on channel messages because they can be only 1 line. but it does not work as described on later lines in a direct private message or a multi-line forum message.
by Bugmagnet on 2022/09/08 05:53:03 PM    
How to use brackets in multi-line private and forum messages

Tixati reserves the use of brackets for text control tags ([.....]), adding [red/black]color[!] or font display characteristics like [b]bold[/b] or [u]underline[/u].

See: for details

That page says:
"[]  empty tag at beginning of a line disables all further tag processing on that line"

But...that is only true for the first line of a message. Since all channel messages are only 1 line, it works there with no problem. But it does not work for any additional lines in a multi-line private direct message or forum message.

To disable tag processing in these multi-line messages, the empty bracket pair, "[]", must be at the beginning of the message. Prefixing any later lines with "[]" will have no effect. All tags in them will still be processed as such and removed if not seen as a supported control code.

Using it this way, with "[]" at the beginning of the message, obviously prevents processing of any text color codes and character control. But it then allows for things like "[]" to be displayed as typed. This is also useful to indicate a comment inserted into a quote.

Maybe in the future we could have a way to escape a specific tag control and then have both color codes and "[url reference]" or "[comment]" too.

... [yellow/black]brainfart[!] ... /[url/] ...
... [red/white][b]brainfart[/b][!] ... /[comment/] ...

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