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Windows explorer to always open maximized (Full screen) when dou

by Blueeyesbrutus on 2022/09/07 01:10:08 PM    
Good Day

How are you?

I have been using your excellent client for years. I would like to keep using it for many more.

Is there anyway to have Windows explorer to always open maximized when double clicking a folder torrent?

When I double click a torrent that has folders, it opens that folder in a windows that is not maximized (Full screen). Is there an option in your program that changes that?

Thank you for your time and the bother.
by Guest on 2022/09/08 12:37:49 PM    
that is an explorer problem.
you have to set your default explorer size to full screen and then when tixati calls on it to open it should open maximized.
by Guest on 2022/09/08 08:31:04 PM    
Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, this is not the case, it has never been, and it doesn't work.
by Guest on 2022/09/20 01:15:51 AM    
devs, you can just call "start /max explorer.exe ..."
by ZarkBit on 2022/09/20 10:36:46 AM    
This is OS dependent, Win10 on my end remembers the size in which was last closed, if it was maximized it opens maximized.
by Guest on 2022/09/30 06:00:56 PM    
As a test for you on v3.11

(In Tixati, Right Hand Clicked on a download) > LOCAL FILES > Open Folder > (Explorer pops up small window)
Maximize Explorer Window to full screen
Close it
Repeat in Tixati
Explorer window is launched small again

Not sure if this would classify as a bug, certainly could be a preference in the settings in future versions

If Windows Explorer is causing you annoyance with the launched window size and all you want to do is view/open your files?

You can configure Tixati to have dropdown expand/collapse file-structures on each download within TIXATI TRANSFER screen view.

Just enable the dropdown feature as per below format then you can click on "File3" (whatever it may be) and it will launch your associated default program (VLC etc)

Example of browsing files in Tixati when enabled, personally I find this absolutely superb....

> Download0001
> Download0002
> Download0003
> Download0004
> Download0005
> Download0006
> Download0007
> Download0008
> Download0009
> Download0010

Maybe this is enough to keep you happy for now? Just my 2 cents...

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