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How is "Minimum Seed Size" applied

by Bugmagnet on 2022/09/04 03:57:11 AM    
In v3.11

Transfers > +ADD > Create New Seed > Settings > New Seed Defaults > Piece Size brings up a dialog for "New Piece Seed Size Defaults"  as seen at the bottom of this help page:

Setting variations are allowed for the "Minimum Seed Size" with the lowest default value being 20 MiB for which the pieces are 64 KiB.

Wouldn't that be the Maximum Seed Size instead?  Obviously one can make a torrent far smaller than 20 MiB.

It would seem logical to me that seeds exceeding 20 MiB but < 40 MiB would get 128 KiB pieces if I understand the process (and may well not :))

Confused over that "Minimum" label.

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