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Tixati v3.11 Window is constantly being brought to front/top

by Guest on 2022/09/03 06:33:15 PM    
In the previous version I used (v2.89), having Tixati open in the background would keep it there when loading new transfers; the Load Transfer windows would load but it would all still remain behind other programs I have in the foreground, and only the taskbar would flash. It was working as it has in previous versions.

When I updated to v3.11, every new Load Transfer instance seems to bring Tixati to the front/top; I repeatedly keep having to click back to other programs I'm using. This behavior gives the impression that the "Activate main window when new transfers are loaded" option is being forced on, but I've always had this setting turned off. This is on Windows 7. When I tried it on Windows 10, it was somehow the opposite; Tixati stayed in the background with the setting turned on, as if the setting was forced off.

Maybe this could be related to the GUI change of "When new transfers are loaded, they are now selected and scrolled into view" that was added in v3.11. If it is related, having the option to turn this new behavior off to avoid repeatedly having Tixati brought to the front may be the preferable temporary fix in my case. I tried installing v2.89 over, but it looks like the issue carried over somehow.

Or the issue might be broadly with how new transfers are now handled in v3.11? Maybe window focus is being forced to the inaccessible main window, causing it to be brought to front? I'm now wondering if this issue might also be related to my other topic, "Tixati v3.11 Possible interface bug?" (pressing Enter no longer starts new Load Transfers. Also, reverting to v2.89 did fix this other bug).
by Guest on 2022/09/11 05:36:02 PM    
I also noticed the pop-up issue, which is really annoying in the middle of a game.

My issue is when using DHT magnet links. I get a "focus stealing" pop-up every time the metadata is downloaded. I mean I want the prompt, I just don't necessarily want it to steal the window focus.
by Guest on 2022/09/12 06:11:54 PM    
I'm having some crash events when manually adding magnets. Tixati also goes away from the selected category and moves to All Transfers category. Occasionally crashes in this scenario if I click back to the original category and magnets load.

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