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Tix 3.11 A job well done

by Guest on 2022/09/02 11:09:24 AM    
Thankyou to the Developers for this release!

V2 protocol support was always a dream for tixati, and not only was it done, but you got the best hybrid torrent support out of any client currently in existence.

I just put 3.11 through its paces. It's faster and better in all areas. Several test torrents maintained much higher speeds with less zigging and zagging around on speed. The hybrid 1+2 support works flawlessly. File handling is so much smoother. Picking 200mb of files from a 700gb torrent with a million files is now a painless and quick experience.

This update put Tixati right back in the lead of the race for torrent clients.
by Guest on 2022/09/03 11:24:55 AM    
I was afraid that Tixati would perish since technology has improved but Tixati for years kept crying "I don't know what to do with this!" And since many major torrent clients have opted for new, the access to seeds was poor. But I didn't give up. I know some important sharers use old clients because of fear of new tech, so I never abandoned Tixati. And now the surprise from the dev.
One of the major improvements I noticed straight away is that Tixati doesn't need to heat up downloading like an old CRT which needs time show picture. Now it gets straight to it. Doesn't choke on large seeders count anymore and in less than a minute it's downloading at the best speed the seeders can provide.
Now Tixati is definitely back in the race! Only the lack of word-of-mouth is keeping it from reaching #1.
by Guest on 2022/09/04 02:07:14 PM    
I've sent another small donation to say "Thanks".

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