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Tixati v3.11 possible interface bug?

by Guest on 2022/08/30 04:59:25 AM    
Before I updated (from v2.89), pressing Enter would Start new transfers when Tixati was in focus, but that doesn't work anymore in v3.11.
by ZarkBit on 2022/08/30 09:17:11 PM

Working fine on my end. Double-Click/Enter have the same behavior.
by Guest on 2022/08/31 09:31:25 PM    
Sorry, I meant when the new "Load Transfer" windows are brought up when adding new torrents. Pressing Enter with this window  prompt open would add and start the new transfer, and it doesn't anymore; I have to use the mouse to click Start to add and start the new transfer.
by Guest on 2022/09/01 05:13:29 PM    
I have the same problem I believe when I clicked a magnet link, it would start the torrent transfer right away but now I get the window prompt and I need to manually start the transfer.
by ZarkBit on 2022/09/02 04:08:23 PM    
Aight, I thought it was the transfers windows, but yeah, pressing enter on load transfer window doesn't do anything.

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