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Bug V3.11 Trackers are not automatically nor manually announcing

by ASmith on 2022/08/28 08:13:20 PM    
Bug V3.11 Trackers are not manually announcing

It appears all of the trackers are not announcing in level 1 except the top first one in the newest Linux installed Tixati v3.11

One of a dozen announced 1x. This morning only 1 of them could be manually clicked on and pushed to announce. The tracker submenu shows the other trackers only have move up-down, edit features that can be selected, not announce. Previously all of those in level 1 would all be automatically announcing over time. Now only 1 tracker at the top.
by Guest on 2022/08/29 10:41:12 AM    
trackers seem to be announcing just fine for me on linux and win 10.
what OS are you using?
could you explain a little more how its not working for you?
by ASmith on 2022/08/29 08:31:35 PM    
Hi, example would be a dozen trackers of mostly UDP but some HTTP as well with only the single 1st level 1 top most tracker announcing. All others are not and even more importantly the sub-menu to manually push a tracker to announce is not active, the submenu shows those features but none are active, none allow me to even force a tracker to announce now.

The Previous release with the same settings allowed all of the level 1 trackers to cycle announcements and I could also manually order levels 2,3 to announce also.

Bug end-around

In order for me to have more than 1 active tracker working as it previously did is to carry out a end-around the Bug which is carried out by clicking on the dead trackers one at a time to activate the tracker mouse sub-menu and selecting in the sub-menu move up. Moving it to the top and in some cases they are showing the ability to move even further UP even at the top which is another Bug and then only begin to function.

I was able to toggle two dead non-responding trackers one in level 1, another in level 2 to the top and then toggle it to announce. The level 2 tracker remained at level 2 despite being moved to the top (Bug) but was able to begin announcing.

Installed Tixati v3.11 with .deb package. Linux Mint 20.3 Una with a generic Ubuntu focal kernel.
by Guest on 2022/08/31 07:00:09 AM    
Same issue here. On Windows. ASmith explained it good.
by Guest on 2022/09/02 11:55:47 AM    
Tried to replicate and found the same issues, only topmost is announcing.

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