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[FEATURE REQUEST] Only show select categories in the Transfers p

by Michael_T on 2022/08/28 03:21:01 AM    
Right now we only have the choice of displaying one category or all of them. I've got about 10 categories but I'd prefer to only have two of them showing in the Transfers panel.

Also, a bump for the feature request of RSS: Ignore Subsequent Matches for n Days. I'm getting a lot of duplicate downloads from my feeds that aren't TV shows. 😅

Thanks to the developer for the recent update! ❤️
by Guest on 2022/08/28 08:32:49 AM    
try making a separator and then putting the 2 categories you want visible under that separator. now select the separator the view the two categories. or you could just select the two categories you want to see.
by notaLamer on 2022/08/28 10:21:04 AM    
Please see  You can select multiple categories / category groups (aka separators) by CTRL+left click them

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