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Headless version for servers

by Guest on 2022/08/26 12:35:14 PM    
Having a headless version (aka no display required to run, accessible via web UI instead) would be extremely useful to have.
I don't want to add bloat to my server by adding Xorg packages to it, but it feels like I will have to do it just for this.

The forum rules say to be civil, but there have been multiple requests spanning over seven or more years, and we *still* haven't even gotten a response. What's going on?
by Guest on 2022/12/22 03:37:09 AM    
+1, was planning on swtiching to this from Qbit, but given im running debian headless it looks like I cant
by Guest on 2023/01/05 06:03:22 PM    
You might be able to get a docker container with tixati and use it instead of bloating your installation.

If you really need a headless version, you can always use deluge. You can run the daemon on the server and connect remotely to it.

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