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[BUG] Sudden download stop and inability to delete the file

by Guest on 2022/08/25 10:50:45 PM    
Windows 10 Home system, latest updates. The problem has been observed in recent months, is of a random nature (it can be reproduced with the same download, or everything can go fine the first time).

For example, I'm trying to download a file about 20GB in size (for example, a movie). At first everything is fine, but when about 100-120 MB are loaded, the speed drops sharply to zero.
When trying to delete a download (Remove button), tixati hangs. When you try to delete a file through the explorer, either nothing happens (if you press del or shift + del), or the explorer itself freezes (if you click on the file with right-click).
If you restart tixati, the download disappears. If you try again to start downloading the same file to the same folder, tixati will check and start downloading it as if from scratch, but the speed will reset to zero again at the same place - the problem is reproduced as described above.
To delete a file, you have to restart tixati, start the download again and immediately try to delete the download along with the file (the corresponding item in the context menu of the Remove button). At the same time, tixati will freeze again, but after 5 minutes it will resume normal operation, and the file will be deleted.
Then you can try to download the file again - usually the problem does not recur.

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