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[FEATURE REQUEST] Display torrent creation date

by Guest on 2022/07/29 01:00:59 AM    
A .torrent file's Creation date/time can be a very useful piece of information sometimes, especially when comparing two similar ones to know which is the newer. Note that I'm talking about the actual Creation date/time of the torrent itself, stored inside the .torrent file, and not the file system date/time that is visible in a file manager and easily modified. See this screenshot of uTorrent for example:

(link removed by Mod and sent to Dev - Please repost a link to the screenshot with files names removed)

It would be great if Tixati could display this on the Details tab, or even as a column in the Files tab.
by Guest on 2022/07/29 03:31:45 PM    
Since uTorrent screenshot above was deleted for containing file names, even though it was an old one found on some random site with an image search, here's another one showing what I'm looking for:

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