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Tixati can't open port but qBittorrent can?

by Guest on 2022/07/25 05:24:15 PM    
Hello everybody, i'm new to using Tixati since i wanted to use a lighter and simpler client, however i'm having some trouble. I'm connected to the internet using an android phone with usb tethering connected to 4g mobile data. So i need to use a vpn to allow incoming traffic to my pc. Without the vpn not even qbittorrent works, but with the vpn it does.
i'm allowing both programs to use upnp to open the required port, but the results are different:  qbit  tix
i don't understand why but tixati seems to be trying to listen to the wrong gateway? i even specified the right address of the vpn in the settings, both ipv4/ipv6. Honestly, i'm a noob when it comes to those things but maybe you guys can help me understand what's going on. For checking the ports i used this website  and it reports qbit's port open while tixati's port it's always closed. Also i don't know if it's relevant but qbittorrent it's using μtp and tcp while tixati tcp and udp so that may be the cause? Again, i'm sorry for my ignorance but i'm looking forward to be able to use tixati because i like the simple interface quite a lot.
by notaLamer on 2022/07/29 07:53:10 PM    
Thank you for the screenshot, the devs should pay attention to this.

qBit successfully requests UPnP port-forwarding on the VPN network. Tixati tries to reach the real router and fails. If you've bound Tixati to the VPN network (see settings) then it is a bug. If Tixati isn't bound to only use the VPN (but you should!) then you shouldn't be surprised that Tixati continues with the router.

Open port on router while using VPN = big bad. Not binding client to only use VPN = big bad too.
by Guest on 2022/08/01 09:36:01 PM    
Try using a program like UPnP PortMapper or similar since Tixati's automatic port forwarding isn't working with your VPN.
by Guest on 2023/11/06 07:16:13 PM    
I have the exact problem, too. Tixati 3.19 (and probably older versions) doesn't open ports via UPnP on my VPN connection, but qBittorrent does. This topic is over a year old. Did nobody look into this yet?

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