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Splash Screen v 2.89

by FireBall on 2022/07/23 08:05:34 PM    
I am not a great fan of the splash screen if that is the correct term. The Big TIXATI before the GUI opens

Can it be changed?. Don't see any way to upload a screenshot


by FireBall on 2022/07/23 11:36:53 PM    
Do all posts need to be moderated even for members? Just curious
by Guest on 2022/07/24 12:28:53 AM    
Yeah man, and also to disable the donation warning
by FireBall on 2022/07/24 05:53:49 PM    
not seeing donation warning
by Guest on 2022/07/25 04:35:26 PM    
but you can see very soon, and several times :)

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